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Webster Falls :: Dundas, Ontario
whippets in leaves :: High Park
repurpose that jack'o lantern :: roast pumpkin soup


look: Smythe ridding jacket

7. Fossil brown belt 8. Vince Camuto riding boot

Well, the snow has fallen and all I can dream about is the lovely and snow free weather we've been having up until now. Rust coloured leaves on trees, boots that aren't wet and when a nice tweed turned up collar will keep out the wind. I've been I love with Toronto based Smythe's tweed hunting jacket - I guess it will have to wait until spring!


make: winter lip balm

    The only lip balm I've ever been able to stick with is Burt's Bees. Always loyal to the classic yellow tube, I even tried one of the lightly tinted versions - not a fan. So after taking a Province Apothecary class on making oils and balms (I also got my local beewax, grapefruit and spruce oil from them) I decided to start making my own mixes. Below is my standard oil and wax combo with two of my favorite winter oil mixes.

Materials :
beeswax wax (1 tbsp)
coconut oil/almond oil (2-3tbsp)
a small scoop cocoa butter (1/4 tbsp)
vitamin E capsule
drops of essential oils:
Rosemary & Grapefruit
Black Spruce & Peppermint

     Melt in a double boiler or temperature resistant glass in a pot with some water (I used a pyrex  measuring cup). You can measure your ingredients by weight or by volume depending on what you have - or you can eyeball. If using measuring spoons you'll wand to chop your waxes. Melt slowly, a low boil is perfect.

     I let me wax melt, then add in my coconut oil. Removing from the burner, I let it cool a little before mixing in the vitamin E (just a drop or two) and the oils. I only use 2-3 drops for this small a reciepe, as the rosemarym spruce and peppermint oils can be very strong. I like these oil combinations because they are soothing but also tingle, which is excellent on a cold day.

     I like to put mine in tubes but a tin would work just as well. This quantity will fill two regular sized tubes. I'll do one as Rosemary & Grapefruit, the other as Black Spruce & Peppermint.

Some combinations to try: peppermint & cocoa, vanilla & clove, orange & cardamom