places: barre works

     I'm not really a gym person. I'll go steadily for a few months and vary my routine but I inevitably get bored and end up looking for something else to fill my exercise void. Yoga is a stand-by and almost a constant but it's more about maintenance then actual fitness. I'm intruiged by the new barre based strength classes I've been hearing about from other blogs and magazines. A search a few months ago yielded nowhere near me that wasn't an actual dance studio - I shall not train with real dancers.

     So when Barre Works in downtown Toronto popped up in my Twitter feed today, I had to investigate. It looks excellent and I plan to try it on my earliest free weekend - but I can't find much in the way of information about the idea of barre based classes online.

     Has anyone take one of these? More info to come once I get my not-so-dance-inclined self to the bar for some barre.


list: one hundred things (20 to 11)

It's a new year and as always a time to consider life and the things I love about it.
In a good life it should be easy to find one hundred things you love:

100. grey wool blankets
99. fireplaces
98. black underwear
97. lucite tables
96. a good cocktail
95. summer herb gardens
94. ridiculous shoes
93. french cooked duck
92. men who smell like laundry
91. dark chocolate
90. charcoal grey
89. 100 percent cotton
88. white porcelain
87. green ferns
86. skinny jeans
85.the perfect sunglasses
84. white iPhones
83. the return of Polaroid film
82. a great haircut
81. fountain pens
80. fresh pasta
79. nighttime snow
78. those trendy stump tables
77. flowering orchids
76. warm wool
75. chunky rings
74. faux gold
73. raw gemstones
72. grey nailpolish
71. houndstooth anything
70. Burberry plaid
69. warm showers
68. spicy tempura salmon sushi
67. espresso
66. whippets
65. snowy park walks
64. hot yoga
63. lululemon
62. Pantone chairs
61. dark stained wood
60. cream cheese cupcakes
59. copper jewelery
58. apothecary jars
57. arizona green tea
56. lavender honey
55. bacon
54. salt roasted chicken
53. marshmallows
52. stainless steel
51. Edison bulbs
50. catamarans
49. mismatched bikini pieces
48. cat-eye sunglasses
47. polo horses
46. warm sandy beaches
45. tropical rain
44. the yellow peeps
43. dark rum
42. toonies
41. short focus SLR photos
40. chunks of raw coconut
39. bodum coffee presses
38. peppermint patties
37. chocolate chantilly
36. suede boots
35. tan lines
34. lays salt & vinegar
33. mojitos
32. chipmunks
31. q-tips
30. old photography
29. white asparagus with butter
28. tom's shoes
27. planting seeds
26. weck jars
25. red hair
24. mini brownies
23. fresh basil sauces
22. carbon filtered water
21. japanese food

20. vintage silver
19. the colour magenta
18. maidenhair ferns
17. art prints in black frames
16. dark denim
15. peacock feather
14. polar bears
13. meyer lemon trees
12. a good french manicure
11. soft puppy ears


shop: neon & brights

     I'm not usually one for trends and the "seasons look" but I'm totally taken with the brights and neons that are popping up everywhere. My wardrobe is usually a swath of black, grey and neutrals with punches of jewel tones, so I'm having fun mixing in pieces of bright and usual colours that I wouldn't usually buy. And it's wonderful!


things from my week

tulips on University Ave.

impulse organic tequila purchase

awesome city bikes

a beautiful day for a walk


make: studded blazer

that's no chip on my shoulder
       I'm not usually one to take style tips from Kim Kardashian but her studded Burberry trench coat was something I wanted the moment I saw it. I put it on my 'never - but - wow' list. And then I ordered studs online. Obviously. 
     Then I had to decide what to stud, opting for a black satin H&M blazer that I just never really get around to wearing. So stud I did - two rows of surprisingly sharp cone studs on the shoulders. I've always wanted to be one of those people who could re-purpose lackluster clothing into awesome pieces but I usually give in and donate before I get the chance. Not this time!

     Now, I've never studded anything before, so I did a little reading. And it turned out really well, as you can see above. 

     What you'll need: screw bottom studs, small scissors, no-fray sewing glue and a chalk marker.
     My blazer also happened to have slightly padded shoulders, which proved important in making them stand up straight.  First, mark your stud location with the chalk marker for even spacing. Then use your scissors to start a small hole, cutting all the way through the fabric and foam. 

    My first stud took me a while, turns out you need a hole that's larger then I initially thought. Once I figured out my cut size, I was able to quickly cut the holes, thread the screw bottom through, apply the no-fray glue and tighten the cone stud onto the base. Two rows of alternating sizes gives it a great look, it's just enough to look and feel awesome but not so much I can't get away with it at work.

    The total project took about half an hour (not counting the waiting for studs...about at week) and cost me about $15 not counting the blazer. And now I'm on the look out for something else to stud!


things from my week

Burlington :: waterfront
Dallas chic :: classic French

dog walk :: late in the day